Tick & Tock

It ‘Ticks’ and it ‘Tocks’ For three hundred and sixty-five days a year. Eight thousand, seven hundred and sixty hours pass. Will you sleep for two thousand, nine hundred and twenty hours? Sleep is good, it’s healthy for the mind and for productivity. You will be required to work two thousand, nine hundred and twenty […]

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Playing the Opera

If you have performed in an opera, been to one as part of the audience or have listened to one in the comfort of your space, you can attest to the fact that opera performances are not only inspiring, but also magical. In an opera, the lyrics and the tunes of the orchestra are so […]

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It killed the cat, not you!

It is evident that the world need answers and curious minds. Difficult questions require deep and useful answers. Curiosity is a human trait needed to survive in a world of uncertainties. Are we asking difficult questions or we prefer to live as if we have all the answers? Obviously we don’t, the world need honest […]

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