Did you know the individual stripes on a Zebra are different in identity?

Every single stripe also contributes to the whole pattern on a Zebra.

If the problems we face today are not single-faced, shouldn’t we get more perspectives on them?

What if diversity has more potential to increase our success?

Why do we need to struggle alone when there are answers out there?

What really unites us but the vision/mission?

What if we are elements of one art piece with different shapes and tones?

What if we can build teams to be like the Zebra, a team made up of:

Art + Science

Male + Female

Rich + Poor

Educated + Uneducated

Thinkers + Doers

Young + Old

Analytical + Intuitive

Humans + Bots

Good + Evil

Socialist + Capitalist

The truth is, what makes this world a beautiful place are the textures and the colours these diverse identities share.

Working with diversity is difficult, expensive and time consuming…it is also rewarding. There’s inspiration, uncertain challenges and deeper questions you will be surprised exist when you connect diverse minds from different cultures and spheres. There are also many answers. 

The world is complex, humans are complicated and so are our problems. Life is also difficult and we all need answers. The reality is that no single individual has all the answers because the variables are many. 



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