The world is full of problems but geniuses are getting answers…why and how do they get to YES?

They are aware that the skill to solve problems is developed over time. It does not come at once and it does not come cheap. They are willing to pay the price today. Problem Solvers are built from persistent practice, failures  and resilience.

Problem solvers are open-minded…willing to take risks and humble enough to explore options. They want to know what is at the end of the edge…they are curious.

They want to know why, how, where and when. They are more interested in what is behind the scenes and not just what is being displayed on the stage…they keep asking ‘why?’

Do they seek for perfection, yes but in an imperfection way. They are okay with the chaff, the unrefined data because they know how to look intently within the lines for different interpretations. They are willing to tolerate ambiguity.

They know the answer to the question is not just one since the problem is packed in sedimentary form. They start with the top, peeling it off bit by bit to see the available and hidden levels of answers.

They know the answers are not with them but in the eyes of others. They understand the problem of poverty in Ghana is no different from that of the one in the US, they are also not naïve about the differences in the context.

They know failing is at the other side of success so they act; they make mistakes, a lot of them, they test things and most of them fail…then they repeat. Experimenting is their evolution. They crawl, walk, fall, crawl, get up, walk, fall…then they run!

They search for diversity. They know human intelligence is diverse, they are aware that the answer is outside the board room. They are interested even in the wrong answers because they open doors to new questions. 

Before they say it, they have put it out there…instead of just talking about their ideas, they talk by doing. Their stories are packed in their animated states – showing and telling at the same time. They are thinkers and doers.

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