Life is difficult.
Do good Design & Develop
Your Creative Confidence.

In duties small, may our professions continue to fight the ugliness and chaos facing humanity.

There are problems all around us and they can only be solved by people with diverse perspectives. We must collaboratively create our future; critically engage our intentions, create sustainable value and share the stories through effective communication.

You are also creative, and can do good design.

Simplicity is being moderate, not showing off... doing what is necessary and useful.

It is the little steps we take that actualize the hopes of our future. It is the little acts of love and good design that connect us globally and inspires us to face the unknown. Everyone of us has something unique to share to the world, we must design and increase our potentials to make this world a better place. Imagine a future with healthy and happy is possible.

Put that smile on the face of good design.

Featuring Stories

What is Sam Thinking

Here are some things that preoccupy my daily thinking. They range from societal problems to
global innovation ideas, helping the vulnerable etc… you can join in my musings if you dont mind.

Are we Humans
or Bots?

Good Design Vrs
Bad Design

The Good and the Bad

Is Innovation a Must
or an Option?

Gender: Is it equality we seek or what?

Afrika: exactly how
free are you?

Will time heal
our wounds?

If not Love
then What?