If you have performed in an opera, been to one as part of the audience or have listened to one in the comfort of your space, you can attest to the fact that opera performances are not only inspiring, but also magical. In an opera, the lyrics and the tunes of the orchestra are so married in their organisation and arrangement such that one compliments the other. The team spirit in all the art and movements of the tunes tells of the oneness of purpose and the obedience to order.

“A choir is a team, the goal is in the baton”

The Design team is like the orchestra, it must be full of diversity with different cultural backgrounds, skills and talents but that which makes a good design team is the effective collaborations that help to harness the diverse resources available to accomplish the goal of creating value. Like the orchestra, this team work must even include the vibrations that come from the audience. A good opera performance seeks to engulf the audience in the spirit of the piece. The interior design, the elements of materials and the arrangement of the use of space of the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall in Australia tell of how diversity can unite to create a masterpiece of design.

What then do you need to fully participate if you play the Violin, the Clarinet, the Trumpet, the Timpani, the Flutes, the Percussion, the Oboes, the Cellos…? Whichever instrument you hold as a design team player, in our orchestra, you are needed. Do your part…

“Get to know the story and contribute to make it inspiring.”

  1. Keep the goal at Heart – it is to inspire, educate, entertain and to light up the faces of the audience. The goal of a design team is to solve people’s problems.
  2. Look at the Baton – the baton serves as the symbol of leadership and the source of instruction, direction and order; neglect it and you distort the movement of the piece.
  3. Your vibration is key – The whole performance is the coming together of the pieces, your very vibration is needed to make it complete, make sure to contribute because your vibrations are required to make a great sound.
  4. Play when it’s your turn – Order, even in times of disorder and confusion, is vital to the success of the team’s performance. You are required to play when it’s your turn and also to appreciate others as they contribute their vibrations.
  5. Fill in the bars – Innovation is required when performing on stage. It is the very core of the team spirit. Even though you will perform with scripts, there is the need for you to innovate and improvise.

Every great piece, has a beginning, the middle and the ‘coda.’ A good design team knows how to craft their design story. Get to know the story and contribute to make it inspiring.

Do not take away the beauty of the end, make sure to end well, prototype but end well.

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