It is evident that the world need answers and curious minds. Difficult questions require deep and useful answers. Curiosity is a human trait needed to survive in a world of uncertainties. Are we asking difficult questions or we prefer to live as if we have all the answers? Obviously we don’t, the world need honest answers.

Due to social media tech, we are engaged daily with millions of voices. So much to say but little time to listen and question our inward experiences. We are not paying attention, we seek to remain in our safe boxes…

Like ‘stay home; stay safe campaigns,’ we are socially distant from difficult questions. We are scared to venture into the unknown but good design comes from being curious.

Knock and it shall be opened! As humans, we are endued with an intellectual capacity to inquire, question and learn; a necessary ability to change and progress. If we have been absent minded, we can not hide anymore. It is time for us to ask the difficult questions.

Questioning is like looking for hidden treasures…we knock at the door till it opens, then when it opens, we learn and are changed by what we find. The undying desire for more then intuitively requires one to look for the next door, and the next till the quest to know animates you to do the little things with great impact.

Chase after the truth, turn to the right, left or move forward in whichever direction it takes you. Let the truth be the sage that leads you to the place of intelligence. Be consumed by the desire to know, test what is known and use the results to search further into the unknown. Let the process change your mind and convert your heart to take action.

Curiosity will not kill you, it will only kill your ignorance.

Curiosity is a key ingredient to moving forward to see what lies within. It reveals possibilities, alternatives and hope; it builds on one’s passion to learn, unlearn and relearn. It leads us to see new ways of doing things and to develop a heart to see alternatives and options.

Why not question and seek possibilities that await you in the unknown? It will not kill you.

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