It’s 2020 and people are dying. Why?

Is it because of COVID-19, hunger, poverty, insecurity or corruption?

Do you know why? It’s also possible our leaders do not know…or they do?

Most countries are currently in quarantine (lockdown).

What if this will continue to be our state as humans?

What if we are to live off our roads?

What if we are to stay indoors and relate with those just around us in our various homes or the person right within us?

What if the world will be silent and empty for so long?

What if we are left alone just with ourselves?

What if this is an opportunity?

What if it is time for us to be real in our relationships?

What if we will not be able to travel again?

What if this is the last time we get to meet one another?

What if we are made to look no where but who we are currently?

What if there’s a better ‘why’ to life.

Will there be the need to possess more, to compete or collaborate and complete? Will there be the need for greater ambitions or it will just be how do we survive another minute together?

It is obvious that these times call us to reflect on who we are as humans today as against who we truly ought to be.

History has it that this pandemic will pass, but before it does, we must question what we have known to be the greatest aspirations of all humanity.

Is it money, material possessions, fame or it’s our health; spiritually, psychologically, socially and economically?

It will interest me to know your thoughts. Share in the comments…

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